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Group courses, 1-1 lessons and other Training Services

We teach group dog training courses at all levels from Puppy School to Advanced Training including the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

We also offer individual lessons for dogs with problem behaviour or for those who can't make it to group courses or who prefer tailor made 1 to 1 lessons

Venues: Unstone Community Centre, Crow Lane, Unstone, Dronfield S18 4AL

Graves Park S8 for 1-1 lessons and Social Walks

Please see the full list of group courses and other services listed below and how to book

The Good Puppy Course

A group course of 7 weeks duration to include the Induction Theory class for all new studenta and essential socialisation, basic training, behaviour advice and life skills for puppies from 11 weeks of age and under 5 months at the start of the course

Venue: Unstone Community Centre, Crow Lane, Unstone, Dronfield S18 4AL Start date: 8th January 2014 at 6pm

With the compulsory Induction Theory class for ALL new students on Saturday 4th January at 10am


Thursday 9th January 2014 at 6pm

With the compulsory Induction Theory class for ALL new students Saturday 4th at 10am

Fee: 59 to include the Induction Theory Lesson and a Training and Behaviour Manual

Please book quickly to avoid disappointment as places fill very fast - we take a maximum of 10 puppies per class and have 2 assistant trainers per class - call Victoria on 01142 747665 / 07811031694, or email

Puppy Parenting

A Home visit service to support and teach you, the new 'puppy parent' how to deal with the common problems of owning a new puppy, including - biting, being left alone, crate training, housetraining, chewing and puppies and children

Fee: 30 within a 10 mile of S8
Please call Victoria to book your appointment - 01142 747665

The Good Dog Course

A basic training course of 7 weeks duration for SOCIABLE dogs over 5 months of age

Includes the Induction Theory lesson for all new students, which covers - How dogs learn, Using Rewards, Diet, Training Equipment, Problem Behaviours and Question Time

Course Starts: January 2014 to be confirmed Or we also 1-1 tailor made lessons if you prefer Course fee:59 Max 8 dogs per class

Contact Victoria on 01142 747665 or email or use the enquiry box for a registration pack

1-1 Tailor Made Training

Tailor made training lessons to suit you and your dog and in the locations you need them. Group courses are not always suitable for every person or every dog, it might be that you work shifts, or have young children to care for, or your dog might have some issues with other dogs or strangers, or you are on the waiting list for a course place - whatever your situation our 1-1 lessons are designed to fit you and your dogs needs. You can still get the results you need with the individual help of one of our expert trainers

Fees are dependent on where you live and how many lessons your dog will need

Call Victoria for further details. .

The Perfect Pooches Course

An intermediate follow on course for all students of either the Good Puppy or Good Dog courses or from a course with another reputable training provider

This course includes the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Dog scheme which is independently assessed at the end of the course. If your dog acheives the standard required - you will be awarded a certificate from The Kennel Club

Visit The Kennel Club for full details of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

Venue: Unstone Community Centre, Crow Lane, Unstone, Dronfield, S184AL Start: Tuesday 7th January
Fee: 56
Max 10 dogs per class

Graduates Advanced Courses

We offer ongoing training for more advanced dogs at Silver and Gold level

and the Kennel Club Silver and Gold Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Visit The Kennel Club.

If your dog has got a good level of training and you'd like to improve and increase your dogs obedience and learn new skills - please get in touch for details of our advanced courses and workshops

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