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Victoria with some of her dogs Victoria Cooper

About me: I have owned, loved, worked with and trained dogs and other animals all my life, not just here in the UK but also in the USA, Europe and Brazil. As a result, I have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to support and teach you with your dog. After extensive studies in canine behaviour and training my aim is to teach you the most up to date, humane and effective training methods in order to have a well behaved companion dog that you can be proud of.

I also worked with the Sheffield (RSPCA) Animal Shelter as Behaviour Consultant during 2011 and have many accredited qualifications in dog behaviour and training gained through recognised bodies of education including:

I have learned many of my skills under leading behaviourists and trainers in the UK and USA such as Kay Lawrence, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Sarah Whitehead and Angela Stockdale among many others. I have also puppy walked for Guide dogs for the Blind and also adopted several reject and retired dogs.

Other experiences over the years, have included setting up a local branch of the national charity PAT dogs when I was instrumental in forming a group of hospital and hospice visiting dogs, and I was also a trainer with Dog Aid, a national charity which helps disabled owners to train their pet in becoming an assistance dog.

My 2 current dogs are mature Labradors, Indie and Pip. Both dogs have been trained and worked as Gundogs on various 'shoots' and also help me as 'stooge' dogs in rehabilitation of nervous or aggressive dogs.

I have a team of another experienced Instructor and 4 Assistant Trainers who help support the lessons and give you individual attention. Some of them have worked their way up to advanced training at People & Dogs and in other disciplines. Laura Bardwell is a Kennel Club Judge with Working Trials and a ticket holder with her own dogs and is an Instructor at P&D. Another is a Kennel Club Judge in ring craft and a show dog breeder, and another is studying to be a dog groomer. 3 more are studying my 'Train the Trainer' scheme with a veiw to working for me as Instructors in the future. All of them continue to study dog training and behaviour and are mentored and coached by myself in the skills of being excellent teachers and trainers to give you and your dog an excellent and enjoyable experience.