People and Dogs

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Behaviour Modification for dogs with 'problems'

At home consultation and behaviour modification for dogs with behaviour problems.

Dogs can experience a variety of emotional and psychological disorders, which can occur or are caused by either negative experiences, medical problems, or by how the dog has spent the formative first weeks of its life.

Victoria is a reputable and experienced dog behaviour counsellor with accredited qualifications, offering help and support to owners of problem dogs. Most vets in the Chesterfield and Sheffield areas refer owners to People & Dogs. These include Abbey Moor, Peak vets, Vets4Pets,(Chesterfield & Sheffield) Park Vet Hospital, Wakerley and Speed, Companion Care, Crookes, Springfield vets, Carrick vets, Hunters Bar, Hall Court, Chapel House, Croft, Spire and Highfield Vets . If your dog has any of the following problems, please call me to discuss or send an enquiry via the enquiry page.

Behaviour problems include;


Behaviour issues are complex and variable. Incorrect advice and punishing techniques can cause them to escalate. If your dog has any of the above, please contact Victoria for advice.

Cost: 85 This includes an at home assessment of the problem, a tailor made training plan, and after service online or phone coaching and support. A copy of the behaviour report goes to your vet and we liase closely with the referring practise as some dogs may require medication to help aid in behaviour modification.

Please note that some behaviour problems will require 1-1 follow up training, particularly those that include aggression.