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Kind, Fun, Fair and Effective Dog Training

Dog Training and Behaviour People and Dogs are specialists with over 25 years professional experience in training dogs and overcoming behaviour problems in Chesterfield, Dronfield, Sheffield and surrounding areas. We offer a range of dog training and behaviour services for dogs of all ages and abilities.

We aim to teach the most up to date, kind, practical and effective training methods. Victoria Cooper, the Principal Instructor and Behaviourist has several advanced and accredited qualifications in dog behaviour and training gained through recognised bodies of education and continues to attend seminars and courses to improve and extend her knowledge in this progressive and fast growing field of animal behaviour.

Victoria is a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). This is a highly reputable organisation that represents professional, qualified dog trainers and has high standards of kind, fair and effective training. The APDT is one of the leading bodies of education in canine behaviour and training in the USA and UK as well as in Europe. She is also a member of the Pet Professional Guildwhich is an association of Force Free professionals. And she is a Student Member of the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme

Victoria also worked during 2011 as freelance Behaviour Consultant to the Sheffield Animal Shelter.(RSPCA) and helps other dogs in Rescue centres around the county.

People and Dogs is Kennel Club Listed and is recommended and approved by vets, dog wardens, and dog rescue shelters in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Dronfield and surrounding areas and offers the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme at 4 levels of training. Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Kennel Club Dog Awards 2010

We are thrilled to announce that People & Dogs won the Kennel Club award 2010 for the Best Partnership and Initiative in the UK, between a dog training group and the local council, for promoting responsible ownership!!

The Kennel Club

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